Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much does the service cost?

The cost for a professionally recorded bass track including one revision and the delivery of the source file is $750.

2) What equipment does Stu use?

Stu uses Fender Basses (The Urge) and Hartke Bass Amps.

3) How do you deliver the bass track?

The bass tracks are delivered as a separate source track as WAV files at the bit rate and sample rate that was requested at the start of the production. The track can be imported into any DAW and lined up at the beginning of the session to be in time with the scratch track that you upload when beginning production.

4) How is the bass track recorded?

The bass track is recorded in Stuís personal home studio into a Pro Tools rig. His custom home studio provides the sonic clarity that organically enhances bass frequencies.

5) Can I upload a track with a suggested beat?

You can upload a scratch track of drums you have programmed or a loop that you like, but please also include the track minus the bass with instruments on one side of the stereo field and a separate click track on the other side.

6) Can I upload a track with a loop on it?

You can upload a track with a loop in it for demo purposes, but please include the track minus the bass with instruments on one side of the stereo field and a separate click track on the other side. If you would like Stu to play along with a bass loop, please provide the loop as a separate audio track when uploading your scratch tracks.

7) It says my first revision is free, how much are additional revisions?

You will normally not require more than one revision, however, if you do additional revisions are only $50 each that can be paid through PayPal. The whole system is automated and after your first revision you will be sent to PayPal if you require a new revision.

8) How long does it take to get the bass track?

Typically it takes no longer than three business days during the business week (Monday - Friday) for Stu to send you a finished version of the song for you to approve (or make revisions). If Stuís schedule is booked, he will notify you if the expected delivery time will be longer than that.

9) Who owns the copyrights to the bass track?

You do. When you have Stu perform on your song it is considered a "work for hire" and you own the copyright to any bass track you paid for. If you choose to credit Stu on your album, please do so as "Stu Hamm/".

10) Is Stu sponsored by anyone?

Yes - Stu is a proud sponsor of Fender Musical Instruments and Hartke Amplifiers. Please contact Stu here if you would like to discuss other sponsorship opportunities.

11) Why does my song say "Awaiting Payment", even though I've paid by eCheck through Paypal?

eChecks through Paypal can take up to 5 business days to clear. As soon as your eCheck clears your song will be updated. Please be aware that your payment must clear before Stu can complete your track.

12) My song says "Awaiting Scratch Track" - what does that mean?

In order for Stu to play along to your song he needs a scratch track of your song played to a click track. Your scratch track should have the click track panned hard left and the rest of the track (guitars, vocals, keys) panned hard right. You can upload a version of the track with the bass you are playing with too (if you want Stu to listen to a particular bass pattern). Once you have finished uploading all of your scratch tracks click the "I'm Done Uploading" button and Stu will begin production on your track!

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