"Among the masses, Stu is best known for his amazing cadenzas and spectacular solo bass pieces. Professional musicians, bandleaders, and singers also know that Stu is also equally great at the other extreme: Playing ultra tasty, simple, in-the-pocket bass parts that don't call attention to themselves, but serve the song perfectly. If you want the perfect bass part, Stu Hamm is one-stop shopping."

- Jude Gold
Director GIT  |  Guitar Institute of Technology
Musicians Institute

"Stuart Hamm is a wonderful Bass player, and I always enjoy recording and performing with him."

- Joe Satriani

"Stu is a monster bass player. We did 4 albums together and he rocks!!"

- Frank Gambale

"Stu Hamm is one of the most locked in groovers on the planet! I absolutely love to play with him....his vibe is the best!"

- Carl Verheyn

"Stuart Hamm is a tremendously musical bass player. His ears are attentive to the most minute harmonic details. When jamming with him he can cast a net of melodic security so if you start to fall from dynamic heights of profound expressive meanderings, you will land in the comfort of his engulfing frequencies. Other than that... He rocks hard dudes!"

- Steve Vai

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